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Design and Align a Life of Light, Freedom, and Truth

Many of us are fumbling through life figuring out things along the way. You may have learned that the test of life is often given before the lesson, but what if there was another way?

At Manifest Realities Happiness Coaching, I will provide you with the skills and strategies we all were never taught, but could definitely all use to create the fulfilling lives we want. Within the needs of Belonging & Love, Esteem, and Self-Actualization (from Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs), clients will be given assessments, skills training, and lifework to choose their realities. It's time we learn the lesson and study for the test. That way, we all can ace life.

Welcome to the School of Life!

Please remember, coaching is NOT therapy. Therapy can help you process your past and heal your traumas. I can help guide you on how to take action towards your future.

Are you ready to Design and Align Your Life?

What is Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs?

How My Services Work:

Option 1: Choose a Need (Belonging & Love, Esteem, or Self-Actualization) and receive ALL of the skillsets within that need at a discounted cost.
Click "Read More" on the selected service for more information. 

Option 2: Choose a Skillset (Strengthening Self-Love, Developing a Growth Mindset, etc.) and only receive the tools, resources, and exercises within that skillset. To find out more about what the skillsets include, click "Read More" on the selected service for more details. 

**The Program for Self-Actualization will be available starting July of 2025.**

I am currently only providing individual coaching services. If interested in dyad+ coaching, please message me.

How My Program Works:

Class is in Session!

AssessmentYou will be assessed before each skillset to clarify your starting position. You will also be assessed for readiness to begin this program during consultation.
If you are not ready to complete assessments, you may not be ready for these services.  

Skills Training: Strategies to learn the skills within each skillset will be taught within each need and discussed during sessions. Click "Read More" on the selected service for more information.  

Practice: You will be given lifework between sessions or during sessions to put that learned skill into practice.
If you are not ready to complete lifework assignments, you may not be ready for these services. 



My Services
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