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Belonging and Love

Get ALL of the skillsets & strategies in B&L for a DISCOUNTED price!

  • 45 min
  • 150 US dollars
  • Chicago|Hampton Roads Virginia|New York|Prince George's County Maryland|Oakland|Washington D.C.|Atlanta|Houston

Service Description

Skillsets include: 1. Having Healthy Relationships A. What is a Healthy Relationship? B. Growing Emotional Intelligence C. Effective Communication and Active Listening D. Effective Conflict Resolution E. External Boundaries 2. Healthy Marriages A. Commitment B. Compatibility C. Contract 3. The Dating Experience A. What are your Dating Goals? B. The Dating Interview C. Reading Body Language 4. Recovering from a Breakup A. Failure B. Rejection C. Breakup Recovery 5. Choose One: A. One-on-One Womanhood Coaching B. One-on-One Polyamory Coaching C. Sexual and Gender Identity Exploration **For manhood coaching, please visit the website of my husband, Onaje L. Smartt, who is a LMFT and Relationship Coach at

Contact Details

  • Chicago, IL, USA

  • Hampton, Virginia, USA

  • Brooklyn, NY, USA

  • Prince George's County, MD, USA

  • Oakland, CA, USA

  • Washington D.C., DC, USA

  • Atlanta, GA, USA

  • Houston, TX, USA

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