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Design and Align a Life of Light, Freedom, and Truth



Raquelle and I worked through the process to DEFINE and Align my approach to both my business and my life. She truly learned who I am as a person and helped guide me through many obstacles. I’m thrilled to say that my business has grown six figures and I feel like a better person through the process.


I couldn’t really prepare for HOW MUCH growth would be achieved while in the program. The assessments, skillsets and the lifework all made the assigned strategies more understandable and tangible. If there was ever a question about it being relevant or necessary, I was able to use these strategies much quicker than anticipated in a very rough time in my life. 
The time spent learning and preparing to grow actually made growing into myself not be as daunting. I HIGHLY recommend taking these skill trainings if one is serious about becoming their ideal person and/or bettering themself for themself.

Who taught you how to love yourself?

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how can you manifest your reality?

what's your strategy for life?

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